Learning – The Purpose of Living

For every moment of our life, there is something basic we have to realize, which is of great significance and of immense value, LEARNING, and this we all have to do till our tenure expires here on earth. The only time it is expected of a man to stop learning is when he is no more. That is, when he is dead. Death is the only thing that should stop a man from learning. This implies that, anyone living is suppose to be learning something at each moment of his life and this is irrespective of the age in other words, age is never a barrier when it comes to learning. Before I move further I would love to shed more light on the word; learning.

Learning is obviously not a strange word to you, the reader of this article but I will never want to assume so let’s talk briefly on our subject of focus in this article, learning. The word learning has various dictionary meanings and I will just dwell on a few and move on. One of the meanings is; the process of acquiring skill or knowledge, this implies that learning is a process and definitely will take some time at the end of which there is some expected difference or change that should have taken place in the life of the experience of the process. In other words anyone who undergoes any learning process is never expected to be the same that is there should be a noticeably significant difference in such a person’s life. Another meaning of learning says, to commit to memory, hmm… I love this,” commit to memory” meaning should not be forgotten in other words what you’ve learnt should be a part of you; stored in your memory. With these definitions I’ll go back the objective of this write-up.

Whatever your age, sex, occupation geographical location, physical condition, complexion, marital status, etc. one thing is expected of you is learning, you just have to keep on acquiring knowledge and skills as much as you can and as much as you have to in your field and outside your field this is because it is only a man of knowledge that is expected like a friend of mine said, “the whole world will step aside for a man who knows where he’s heading” and one that will show that a man knows where he is heading in life is the amount of knowledge he is able to acquire when he ought to. In other words there is an expected time for a man to acquire whatever knowledge he needs to before the time is no more. Time waits for no one my dear friend, there is something you ought to be learning at this moment and this will count later on, are you learning what you ought to be learning at the moment, have you learnt what is expected of you at this stage of your life or you are just allowing this time to pass-by just as very other time and moments have passed by. Please, I beg of you, don’t let this time pass you by else you abuse one of the most precious moment of your life. Remember, time is a friend to no one, not even Bill Gate.

There of course many things we have to know about and knowing these things can come in various ways, let me briefly highlight the various things that can enhance our learning and acquiring certain skills and knowledge that we need to; having a mentor, reading good books, asking questions from those who have gone ahead of you…just do whatever (positive) you know will make your value appreciate and at the same time don’t hurt anyone in the process. Strive to always know more that you’ve known then you will discover that you’ve not known as you ought to.