Hp0-M30 – HP Network Nodes Manager Essential Exam

HP0-M30 exam is also known as HP Network Nodes Manager essential. This certification validates the knowledge on how to use the HP network node manager (NNM) software for discovering and resolving all the network issues. HP0-M30 is one of the hottest certifications from HP and IT professionals are showing interest in certifying with this certification. Since the course is designed as per the latest industry standards, the number of candidates certifying with this certification is increasing each year.

Who can study this course?

HP0-M30 course is deigned for the technical users who use HP Network Node Manager Software and other related tools. Even HP employees, customers, and HP partners are eligible for this certification. IT professionals who are interested in learning more about this software can also apply for it.

Prerequisite and Eligibility:

There is no mandatory prerequisite required for applying this certification but it is mandatory to complete a core examination to obtain the course credentials. Due to frequent changes made in the NNMI software, there is no certification path to certify this course from the previous version. HP professionals who are using the V8 product are recommended to upgrade their skills by certifying the HP0-M30 exam. Though both certifications are active and valid, it is recommended to have this certification for more opportunities.

Why HP0-M30?

HP Network Node Manager, HP smart plug-in NNM, and advanced NNM software enables the organization to increase the levels of network service and decrease the downtime risks. The product also helps the organization to analyze the network issues even if various changes in the network are found. Additionally, professionals who have certified with this course can automate, implement, and repair the network faults by using the software.

IT professionals undertaking training in NNM will gain knowledge and skills on integrating and using the software for solving all the network problems in the organization.